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Harmon built the RV-4 (N683RV) with his son Steve. They started building it in 1982. Steve was a young boy then and enjoyed working with his dad. Although Harmon never gave up on the project, life sort of got in the way and the airplane building project was put on the back burner. Harmon's machining business kept him working almost around the clock for several years. During those "off building years" he had to put several additions onto his shop at Langair, build a new house, and create a new place to finish the RV-4 project.

Harmon and Steve built a separate building close to the shop property. This building was soon tagged "The Toy Box" and it was in "The Toy Box" that the RV-4 got some serious attention.

In the winter of '88-'89, Harmon decided the RV-4 project had been shelved long enough and he went to work full throttle to get it finished. In June of 1989 Harmon flew the RV-4 for the first time. To date Harmon has logged over 1600 hours in it criss-crossing the country many times. The RV-4 has a Lycoming 0320, 150 hp engine in it and cruises about 185 mph.


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